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Hi. My name is Adrian Jourdan, but most people call me AJ. I love dogs and fitness. 

My driving passion is working with people who are dedicated to the idea of being the best they can be. Athletes that are looking to get stronger and gain an edge, dad-bod dads trying to drop a few, or people that just enjoy challenging themselves are my ideal clients.

My philosophy is simple. Do the work and you'll get the results. Safe and effective training is key in making sustainable progress. 

AJ & Kali


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AJ & Faith

AJ puts in the time and effort to get to know his athletes, both inside and outside the gym. This approach creates programming that takes the athlete's whole life into consideration ... nutrition, work/family demands, recovery practices and ensures training goals are conducive to daily life. AJ will always push you to limits you didn't know you had, refocus you when your vision is blurred by frustration and celebrate even the smallest milestones that motivate you to continue putting in the work.

Faith - Master's Weightlifter



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